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HISTORY OF THE CRICKET BAT - Timeline: 1624-1900. 1624 - This is the first time that we have any mention of a cricket bat. An inquest was carried out after a fielder was killed. The batsman had tried to prevent him from catching the ball, and had presumably whacked him on the head in the process! Originally bowlers used to bowl the ball underarm.

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The History Of The Cricket Bat. The Cricket bat is such an iconic piece of equipment it is easy to believe that it has always existed in its current form. That however could not be further from the truth. The Cricket Bat. The Cricket bat originally resembled a hockey stick but was soon developed into the flat-faced design we know today.

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The History of Cricket Bats. The game of cricket has evolved a lot over the years. Rules have been changed, play timings and the equipment too have become part of an inevitable evolutionary process. Most of these changes have favoured the batsmen. They have benefitted from the shorter boundaries, flatter tracks and thicker bats.

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The History of the Cricket Bat. According to history, the earliest record or observation of the cricket bat dates back to 1620 when a batsman using a bat hit the fielder to prevent him from catching the ball. At the time, the bat was similar to modern hockey sticks since rolling the arm was not practiced. Then, in the late 1700s and 1800s, the ...

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The history of the cricket bat. The earliest cricket bat used was believed to be in 1620 when a batsman hit the fielder with a bat to prevent him from catching the ball. The shape of the bat was ...

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The history of the cricket bat is a fascinating, microcosmic tale of the very evolution of the game itself, from the hockey stick-like beginnings to the brutal, beautifully-sculpted profiles of modern day. In reading this comprehensive account of cricket bat history, you will learn all you need to know about cricket bats through the years.

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The History of Cricket Bat. Testimonies suggest that the first bat came in use in 1624, much similar to hockey sticks. It was used to lift the ball above the fielder’s head. If the fielder tries to catch the ball, the batsman can hit him the bat to avoid the catch. As the game evolved, the width of the bat also enhanced.

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For Andrew Kember, master bat-maker at Salix, that lineage begins with LJ Nicolls, one half of Gray-Nicolls, under whom Len Newbery worked in the early part of the 20th century. Nicolls tutored Len, and Len’s son, John, went on to found Newbery bats in 1981. And it was with Newbery that a young Kember got his first break.