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It has been suggested that the "tennis" sense of love is derived from French l'œuf (the vowel in this French word has no English equivalent, but approximations would be something like "LERFF" or "LUFF"); œuf means "egg."

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Whether you love playing tennis or watching the major international tournaments, you need to know tennis terminology to fully appreciate the games. Why in French? Well, if you're witnessing the prestigious French Open, created in 1891 and now held annually over late May and early June at the Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, you won't miss a play or aside if you understand the players and ...

Love, l’oeuf, and tennis

Love, l’oeuf, and tennis. While watching the men’s final at the French Open today, I noticed that the French scorekeeper used “zero” in place of “love” when announcing the score. This is interesting because “love” was originally derived from the French “l’oeuf” which means “egg”, a reference to the egg-shaped numeral zero. The British then bastardized “l’oeuf” into “love”.

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Origin of the Term Love in Tennis. While the origin of the term “love” in tennis remains a bit of a mystery, there are two commonly shared ideas. The first, and less likely, would be that the term love is an adaptation of the French word l’oeuf, which translates to egg or the shape of a 0.

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This theory reflects the sport’s long history of etiquette and sportsmanship. Others theorize that love arose from the French word for “egg,” l’oeuf, because a zero on a scoreboard resembles an egg. This is a clever claim, but it remains unsubstantiated. Tennis might have ended up with a different name altogether.

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French words for tennis include tennis, tennisman, pong and tennistique. Find more French words at wordhippo.com!

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Tennis Match Names in French. Men’s singles match = un simple messieurs. Women’s singles match = un simple dames. Men’s doubles match = un double messieurs. Women’s doubles match = un double dames. Mixte doubles match = un double mixte. Junior = junior. Senior = senior.

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love game (tennis) un jeu blanc: love handles: poignées d'amour: love-hate relationship: un rapport amour-haine: love-in-a-mist (plant) la nigelle de Damas: love-knot: les lacs d'amour: love letter: une lettre d'amour un billet-doux: love-lies-bleeding (plant) amarante queue-de-renard: love life: la vie amoureuse ses amours: love match: un mariage d'amour: love nest