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The metal rackets started in 1957 when René Lacoste invented and patented the first metal tennis racket for use. Wilson (the famous tennis racket company) eventually bought the rights to it, and so the metal racket made its first appearance in a Wilson catalog in 1969. The first Wilson metal racket, the T2000, was unlike any wood racket at the ...

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Tennis is a sport that’s been around for many years. As would be expected, tennis racquets through history have changed quite a bit. When did the spelling go from racquet to racket?

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An Evolutionary History of Tennis Racquets

Racquets saw only minor changes between 1874 and the end of the wooden racquet era more than 100 years later. Wooden racquets did get better during these 100 years, with improvements in laminating technology (using thin layers of wood glued together) and in strings, but they remained heavy (13-14 ounces), with small heads (around 65 square inches).

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The History of Tennis Racket. Tennis rackets were not used until the 14th century when a game called Real or Royal Tennis was introduced. At the time, a tennis racket was basically a wooden frame made with strings of gut. Although many credit Italy for the invention of the tennis racket but in reality, it was Northern France where the game ...

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One racket in particular invaded the market, becoming popular with both professionals (Laver, Nastase, Panatta, Stolle, Hoad) and amateurs. The Dunlop Maxply Fort, with those thin red (or white) bands at the end of the grip became an icon that John McEnroe brought to the field even in the early eighties.

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The very first tennis racket was made in 1874 in London by Major Walter C. Wingfield. The racket was the first one made of solid wood, meaning McEnroe could have done some serious damage back in ...

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THE HISTORY OF THE WILSON PRO STAFF TENNIS RACKET An Evolution of the Brand’s Most Iconic Racket Family . 37 Years of Pro Staff. There’s no question about it: the Pro Staff is our most iconic tennis racket franchise. Having been around for 37 years, it’s best known for its classic double braid of carbon and aramid fibers (commonly known ...

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Roger Federer Tennis Racquets History 1998 to 2021. 1. Wilson Pro Staff 85 6.0 Mid-Production Chinese. Federer used this racquet to defeat Sampras at Wimbledon back in 2001 when he burst onto the scene. The head of this racquet is 85 square inches, which is very small by today’s standards.